Never pay another
email marketing

Paying a monthly email marketing subscription?
You might not need one.

64% of creators don't email often

Often means every week

Most send emails sporadically

And that's okay...

Emails sent once a month show the highest open and click-through rates

And that's not all...

69% of U.S. email users unsubscribe from “too many emails”

No surprises.

Your marketing platform's 'send unlimited emails' feature is just a marketing tactic.

You statistically can't email often.

We know the pain
of paying full price
for occasional email sends.

That's why we built
Hammer down the price
Email postbox

The pay-as-you-go email marketing
platform for occasional senders.

No silly credits or tokens. Plain, simple pay-as-you-go

We've got the features

Classic and re-imagined

Modern analytics

Understand your audience. Know where they come from and what works.

Manage subscribers with ease

Import, export, and manage your subscribers with ease.

Powerful automations - simplified

Automate your email marketing as easy as writing text! No more complex workflows

Send broadcasts at scale

More than half a million emails already processed. Message your subscribers when it matters.

Send targeted emails

Need to filter your audience? We've got you covered.

Leverage AI to send better emails

Need a dash of inspiration? Leverage our in-house ChatGPT integration

Capture subscribers with ease

Create simple, performant, UX-focused forms your subscribers will love.
And much more ...
Unparalleled deliverability
We've spent countless hours ensuring your emails land in the inbox. Not spam.
Increase your open rates by personalising your emails and leverage segments for advanced targeting.
Advanced analytics
Analyze performance with visualisations. Know where your form and newsletter subscribers come from. Measure what works and what doesn't.

Need a hand? We'll jump on a call with you.

Hassle free onboarding. Get up and running in 4 steps or less
Email magnet

Want to feel empowered
and in control ?

We believe individuals should not
pay blind subscriptions only to enrich the
pockets of businesses.
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